Advocacy and Networking


The advocacy program began its work in 2011 to support persons with disabilities through activating social, economic educational, health and civil disability laws and gaining local community and decision makers support to create real change in the reality of persons with disabilities in benefit of the entire community. 


Six pressure groups operate within the program consisting of persons with disabilities and representatives of civil society organisations. These committees work within a clear strategic plan that aims to create community mobilisation that believes in the cause being followed. Each of the committees has adopted an objective that it works on achieving.


The objectives laid down as part of the strategic plan of the program include:


  • Spreading inclusive development principles and working on adopting the inclusive development framework that was developed by ASDC.


  • Integrating early hearing detection and intervention services for newborns within the primary health care sector in the Gaza Strip.


  • Facilitating the mobilization and access of services for people with disabilities.


  • Reinforcing sign language within the Palestinian society.


  • Promoting the rights of persons with disabilities to job opportunities within the community.


  • Promoting deaf sports programs and activities.


  • Promoting the rights of children with disabilities to protection against violence, abuse, and exploitation.