The Atfaluna Crafts production unit


The Atfaluna Crafts production unit was established in the year 1998 to fulfil the needs of youth with hearing disabilities to rehabilitate and strengthen their skills. The program successfully trained thousands of persons and provided job opportunities to hundreds of them in the local job market. In addition to establishing small businesses for them. Since its establishment the program has been in continuous development.


A number of units were established within the department and include:

  • The crafts production unit and includes crafts production units including: carpentry unit, sewing unit, embroidery, pottery production and design, painting on wood, rug and fabric weaving, in addition to the crafts and furniture shops located within Atfaluna and in external locations.


The department employs 51 women and men with hearing disabilities, and is made up of five main workshops furnished and operating according to a comprehensive production system (design, production, marketing). The workshops include:

  • Carpentry and wood painting
  • Sewing and embroidery
  • Rug and fabric hand weaving
  • Painting on wood
  • Pottery production and design


Stages of Production:

  • Design: each department is responsible for the product design of its products; a specialized team of employees put together creative new ideas linking between Palestinian tradition and modern designs. A sample of the new idea is made and viewed by customers who give their opinion on colour, shape and texture.


  • Production: new designs and orders are processed by the production team who prepare the raw materials required to complete the order and proceed in preparing the order with utmost accuracy and care. The pieces produced include women’s clothing, decorative items and furniture pieces.


  • Marketing and Sales: the beautifully produced hand crafts are sold in Atfaluna’s permanent showroom located in the ASDC premises. The products are sold locally as well as internationally via Atfaluna’s online product catalogue. In the year 2013 Atfaluna launched its furniture showroom which sells hand crafted furniture pieces including dining rooms, living rooms, guest rooms, etc. All the items available in the showroom are produced by deaf artisans. All proceeds of sales are re-invested into the society to contribute towards covering expenses of the production unit.   


Work from home program supports more than 150 women and men with hearing disabilities and other marginalised women who graduated from the ASDC vocational training courses. The program provides them with the raw materials and tools needed to produce handicrafts which are then marketed and sold within the Atfaluna Crafts stores.


Aim of the Program:

Empowering deaf youth and improving their quality of life through vocational training and job creation.