Community Centre for Adult Education


The community centre at Atfaluna works to develop the community through learning and training activities and as a resource for community information, services, resources, arranging and networking. The core concept of the Centre’s idea is based on offering courses that aim at enabling, social transformation, quality of life through learning for life, fulfilling resources and social activities.


The activities within the Centre are flexible and susceptible to sharing and can be led by any member of society. While support procedures are in place and available through strengthening cooperation, networking and partnerships.  


Main Responsibilities of the Community Centre:


  1. Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and building employability skills based on local market needs.

Providing the community with TVET activities based on beneficiaries and local market needs through the vocational training program available in the Centre.


  1. Information and Studies:
  • Community information and services
  • Feasibility studies and needs assessments
  • Counselling and guidance services


  1. Community Development:
  • Local community activities “occasions, celebrations, world celebration days…”
  • Promoting creative ideas and adopting and developing small discoveries


  1. Organising and Networking:
  • Enhancing ties among government and non-governmental organisations
  • Enhancing ties with local and international universities
  • Enhancing the concept of sharing and exchanging experiences among individuals and organisations
  • Enhancing learning for life


  1.    Aim of the Program:
  • Achieving the concept of learning for life
  • Social and economic enablement of community members
  • Improving communication and community social cohesion
  • Enhancing and developing the community
  • Prompt response to community demands