Child Protection Unit


Since the year 2016 ASDC began to systemise its work in compliance with child protection as an important component of the organisations work. Working with large numbers of children has been a big part of Atfaluna’s work for many years, it was therefore important that the organisation took this important step in providing a safe environment for children. In 2017 ASDC formally adopted its own child protection policy in compliance with local and international standards. The organisation is completely committed to this policy throughout its programs and activities.


The child protection services and activities at ASDC include:

  1. Formulation of a child protection committee assigned to follow up and ensure proper implementation of the ASDC child protection policy.
  2. Authorisation of behaviour foundation within ASDC
  3. Establishment of a complaint follow up system specifically formulated for child harassment and abuse
  4. Spreading child protection culture among local organisations
  5. Implementation of many activities to increase student awareness as well as community awareness towards child protection, children’s rights and enablement.


The child protection unit will continue to facilitate activities that contribute to spreading information about the unit’s work.


Inclusive Education Program

This program works to reinforce inclusive education opportunities within public schools and universities by networking and coordinating with the Ministry of Education, UNRWA education unit and Palestinian Universities. To achieve this the program works on training teaching staff, students and their relatives on concepts and procedures of achieving inclusive education within schools and universities. Since the establishment of the inclusive education program at ASDC in 2017 it has successfully included tens of students with disabilities in public schools and universities side by side with their non-disabled peers.


Aim of the Program:

Provision of an inclusive educational environment for people with disabilities in public and private educational facilities to guarantee equal opportunities for students with disabilities with non-disabled students.