Social Services Program


The program offers its services to adults with hearing disabilities and their families. The program receives cases transferred from the different departments of the organisation and other service provision organisations.


The program offers the following services:


  • Provision of individual and group psychosocial sessions for adults with hearing disabilities and their families  


  • Provision of awareness and cultural workshops for adults with hearing disabilities and their families in day to day related topics.


  • Networking with public and private sectors to locate job opportunities for the youth with hearing disabilities


  • Referral of youth with hearing disabilities in need of services from other local NGOs 


  • Contributing to formulating pressure groups that promote the rights of persons with disabilities to employment opportunities


  • Distribution of humanitarian assistance to needy families of persons with hearing disabilities and other marginalised groups (specially women) in the Gaza Strip.


Aim of the Program:


Improving the social and psychological aspects of life for persons with hearing loss and their families in the Gaza Strip.